RTC/OM Peer-Reviewed Publications

HCBS Outcome Measurement Special Issue

Improving the Quality of Outcome Measurement for Adults with Disabilities Receiving Community-Based Services

This special issue of Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences: Disability, Rehabilitation, and Inclusion is designed to fill this gap in understanding the current landscape of measurement approaches used to assess the quality of services and life outcomes of adults with disabilities in the context of community-based services and support. In this special issue on Improving the Quality of Outcome Measurement for Adults with Disabilities Receiving Community-Based Services, we focus on different components and approaches to outcome measurement in 12 original articles from the United States and worldwide.

RTC/OM HCBS Outcome Measurement Briefs

This series of briefs was developed by the RTC-OM staff to discuss issues fundamental to HCBS outcome measurement. Designed for HCBS measure developers, policy makers, program administrators, researchers, and all others interested in this topic, the series provides education on the importance of each area of HCBS measurement discussed, as well as practical resources and strategies for addressing each topic. Each brief ends with specific recommendations for improving HCBS outcome measurement in the area discussed. Additional briefs will be forthcoming.

Brief 1: Involving Stakeholders to Address Challenges in HCBS Measure Development: Toward Person-Centered Measurement
Brief 2: HCBS Outcome Measurement Tools and Current State Approaches to Measurement
Brief 3: Development of HCBS Outcome Measures
Brief 4: The Basics of Psychometrically Sound HCBS Outcome Measurement

Outcome Measurement Program Case Studies

These case studies provide information about the implementation of each of the programs, including interviewer training and how the programs ensure fidelity as well as the benefits and challenges of each of the measurement programs. Leadership of service agencies and related organizations and their measurement and evaluation staff are welcome to use this information to identify the factors that should be considered when choosing or designing an HCBS outcomes measurement program for their purposes.

Case Studies: Overview and Lessons Learned
Case Study 1: Implementing a Measurement Program: National Core Indicators - In-Person Survey (NCI-IPS)
Case Study 2: Implementing a Measurement program: Personal Outcome MeasuresĀ® (POM)
Case Study 3: Implementing a Measurement program: IM4Q