The quality of life of persons living with all types of disabilities is closely tied to the services they receive in home and community settings. Continued service improvement hinges on high fidelity measurement.

RTC/OM's goals are to help form your HCBS outcome measurement expertise, inform you about the items and instruments in use across the country, and finally to create a new set of validated instruments provided to you free of charge to power your work. You can learn more by exploring our educational modules, databases, briefs, peer-reviewed articles, case studies, and reports.

Outcome measurement database. Over 130 instruments, including those widely used at the national level.
What tools are states using? Assessments used in HCBS programs. across the U.S.
RTC/OM Outcome Measures. Discover measures under development at the RTC/OM.

Briefs: Explore issues fundamental to HCBS outcome measurement.

Case studies: Explore case studies to learn more about implementation.

Education Modules: Gain a basic understanding of measurement principles, particularly, within the HCBS context.

Peer Reviewed Articles: Explore articles in the special issue of Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences: Disability, Rehabilitation, and Inclusion.

Technical Reports: Dive deeper into the technical process behind our methods, measurement, and process.