Welcome to the RTC/OM’s HCBS Outcome Measurement Database. Over 130 instruments, including those widely used at the national level as well as those developed for more specific purposes (e.g., research projects) are contained within the database.  This includes those tools most frequently used by States in their assessment of HCBS outcomes (e.g., National Core Indicators Adult Consumer Survey (NCI ACS); National Core Indicators Aging and Disabilities (NCI AD); CQL Personal Outcome Measures (POM).

Using the Database-

  • Select Domains on the left to display the number of instruments or items coded into each NQF domain/subdomain.
  • Select Instruments to display all coded instruments and filter by: Domain/Subdomain, Respondent, Population, Administration Method, Administration Mode
  • Select Domain/Instrument Overview to display an interactive crosswalk of instruments coded by Domain/Subdomain of the NQF framework.
  • *Select Items to filter items by: Domain/Subdomain, Respondent, Response Type, Person Centeredness, or Population.


*Please Note: Some aspects of the database, including the full text of items, will only be shared with CMS, ACL, and NIDILRR staff who have been given authorized access. Public users will be directed to the organizational websites of measure developers associated with instruments to request full access to specific instruments.

DISCLAIMER: This website and database is intended for informational purposes only. RTC/OM staff have coded the HCBS instruments included in the database in a manner as accurate and complete as possible given the information available. Links provided to instruments located on public or private organization websites are provided so that potential users can learn more about the tools in question. The inclusion of any HCBS outcome measurement tool in the database is not as a recommendation or endorsement for its use by either NIDILLR, the University of Minnesota, or the RTC/OM. The University of Minnesota, RTC/OM, and funding agency assume no responsibility or liability for use by others of the information contained within the database. Please e-mail corrections to rtcom@umn.edu.