Item Coverage within NQF Domains

DomainNumber of InstrumentsNumber of Items
Caregiver Support23284
Access to resources1487
Family caregiver/natural support involvement1488
Family caregiver/natural support wellbeing18105
Training and skill-building59
Choice and Control721144
Choice of services and supports45204
Personal choices and goals37115
Personal freedoms and dignity of risk55735
Community Inclusion1081757
Meaningful activity85820
Resources and settings to facilitate inclusion32119
Social connectedness and relationships87622
Consumer Leadership in System Development1044
Evidence of meaningful caregiver involvement312
Evidence of meaningful consumer involvement616
System supports meaningful consumer involvement818
Equitable access and resource allocation2274
Transparency and consistency11
Fluctuation of Need12
Holistic Health and Functioning901129
Health promotion and prevention1650
Individual health and functioning871079
Human and Legal Rights56543
Freedom from abuse and neglect41183
Informed decision-making2855
Optimizing the preservation of legal and human rights27192
Supporting individuals in exercising their human and legal rights1157
Level of Caregiver Well-Being15254
Person-Centered Planning and Coordination52524
Person-centered planning2774
Service Delivery and Effectiveness63784
Person's needs met and goals realized52348
System Performance and Accountability675
Data management and use530
Evidence-based practice325
Financing and service delivery structures120
Adequately compensated with benefits223
Culturally competent1726
Demonstrated competencies when appropriate1961
Person-centered approach to services48440
Safety of and respect for the worker24
Staff Turnover23
Sufficient workforce numbers dispersion and availability1648
Workforce engagement and participation48
Of all items coded, 15% are coded in more than one domain or subdomain.