Brian Abery headshot

Brian Abery, Ph.D., will serve as a Co-Director and Principal Investigator of the RRTC/OM. He is a Research Associate in the RTC/CL and is an adjunct faculty member in the Institute of Child Development and Educational Psychology Programs. Dr. Abery has been a Principal Investigator of numerous federal projects funded through OSERS, NIDRR, and the CDC, as well as state agencies designed to promote self-determination, social/community inclusion, inclusive education, employment, and health care for children, youth, and adults with a variety of disabilities. In the assessment area, he has recently conducted or is currently undertaking programs of research designed to: assess the self-determination of adults with IDD from both a self- report and behavioral observation perspective; investigate the consequential validity of Alternate Assessment Based on Alternate Achievement Standards (AA-AAS) for children and youth with the most significant disabilities; develop general outcome measures (CBM) to evaluate the academic progress of students with IDD; and improve the educational performance of children and youth from India through implementation and evaluation of curriculum-based measurement and a response to intervention program in Tamil Nadu State.

University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration