Renata Ticha headshot

Renata Ticha ́ Ph.D., will serve as Co-Director and Principal Investigator of the RTCOM. Dr. Ticha is a Research Associate at the Institute on Community Integration. She currently works as a co-PI on the RRTC/CL on which she directs a study on secondary data analysis of the National Core Indicators data and as co-PI on a study investigating the facilitating factors and barriers of intervention implementation and a self- determination study of people with IDD in family settings. She coordinated two longitudinal randomized control trials in the previous RRTC cycle with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Active Support Interventions and Their Effect on Increased Participation of Persons with Severe Impairments (NIDRR) and on Developing Exemplary Practices to Support Self-Determination of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (NIDRR).

University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration