The RTC/OM is actively engaged in technical assistance activities supporting persons and agencies to acquire needed information to improve or change practice, develop policy, or obtain requested analysis or synthesis of information related to HCBS outcome measurement and implementation of measurement programs. It is anticipated that TA requests will range from the informational requests to major long-term engagements with federal, state and local agencies and may relate to policy, measurement, or quality assurance efforts.

The RTC/OM recognizes the importance of promoting the effective use of new knowledge generated by its work. Through grounding the research portfolio to respond to real-life problems related to the development, implementation, use and evaluation of HCBS outcome measurement programs, the RTC/OM ensures that the resulting research dissemination, training, and TA activities are relevant, practical, and useful to policy and practice for a variety of end users that have involvement or interest in HCBS outcomes. It is through this timely and applied research lens that utilization activities, made up of concerted programs of dissemination, training, and TA, are developed and implemented.

If you are interested in Technical Assistance from the RTC/OM, please contact Brian via email at