Psychometric Citation

  • Kressel, D., De Leon, G., Palij, M., & Rubin, G. (2000). Measuring client clinical progress in therapeutic
    community treatment: The therapeutic community Client Assessment Inventory, Client
    Assessment Summary, and Staff Assessment summary. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment,
    19, 267-272.

    Type of Publication
    Peer review
    Instrument Language
    Sample: Age (Mean and Range)

    Mean age = 34 years; ranges not reported

    Sample: Age Group

    18-64 Years

    Sample: Countries/State

    New York

    Sample: Disability Type

    Mental Health Challenges

    Sample: Gender (%male)

    Nearly three quarters are male

    Sample: Race/Ethnicity (%)

    Slightly more than half the total sample were black, a little more than a quarter were Latino and the rest were White or Other

    Sample: Sampling Strategy

    Convenience Sample

    Sample: Size


    Reliability: Internal Consistency

    Cronbach’s for the scale (α = .87)

    Study design

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