The purpose of Phase 2 of the RTC/OM measure development process was to locate, catalog and examine existing data collection instruments that have been used to assess HCBS outcomes for persons with a variety of disabilities (IDD, TBI, PD, MH, aging). Instruments, their measures, and items were mapped onto the domains and subdomains of the National Quality Forum’s (NQF) HCBS Outcome Measurement framework. RTC/OM personnel have organized the results of this gap analysis into an interactive, relational database based on the NQF framework to facilitate access to this information.

Users can search the HCBS measure database by NQF domain and subdomain, target population, or any other property included in the database to find items and instruments that meet their specific measurement needs. Instrument characteristics included in the database include:

  • Purpose
  • Respondent (i.e., source(s) of data)
  • Administration method
  • Administration mode
  • Developer
  • Item count
  • Target population(s)
  • HCBS domains and subdomains covered
  • Psychometric properties (reliability, validity)
  • Geographic coverage area; and
  • Person-centeredness of items

 Below is a graphic of the coverage of NQF domains by the HCBS instruments coded thus far.

Of all items coded, 15% are coded in more than one domain or subdomain.